Depending on the time of year, there is a huge variety of Flora and Fauna to enjoy.  In mid-April, the skies open up and the sound of birdsongs begin.  If you are a bird-lover, bring your binoculars!  Hummingbirds love to visit until early August…and we have been home to many ‘Humm nests.’  Osprey, Eagles (and the odd Heron) circle and are often heard and seen in nearby treetops eating their fish catch. Ducks and geese are usually down at the dock to greet you.  Chipmunks think they own the property.  Very occasionally, a black or brown bear might visit, as might some deer.  They like to keep their distance!  We are located in a Pine Desert…so, at different times of the year, and depending on the heat; different flowers, berries, grasses and pinecones abound. There are many questions about the Ogopogo.  All we can report is that we are located right across the water from his lair!