We deliver breakfast to your room or patio at a pre‐arranged time, preferably between 8:30 and 10:00 am. Breakfast is a combination of warm and continental food offerings which we vary from day to day (they may vary slightly from the items listed below)…and is always as healthy and local/organic as possible. Please let us know in advance if you have any special needs.

Warm food offerings

Pancakes with syrup or fresh fruit salad topping
— with organic gluten free sausages

Eggs, cheese and vegetable “mash”

Breakfast wraps (eggs, cheese, bacon & veggie filling)

Warm croissants
— with scrambled eggs, asparagus (or other vegetable) & cheese

Boiled eggs with warm bagels
— with cream cheese, smoked salmon & capers
— with cream cheese and jelly

Belgian Waffles
— with butter and syrup & organic, gluten free sausages
— with fruits and/or whipped cream

Scrambled eggs with sausages or bacon

Accompanying Continental food offerings

Breads with your choice of butter or Earth Balance (vegan) spreads:

Thin sliced Bagels (will vary)

Small muffins (will vary)
— Gluten free may be available

Breads…choose from
— One wheat gluten free…Ancient Grains
— Pumpernickel
— Multi‐grain
— Plain white
— Organic Rye

Organic & Gluten free cereals or granolas with 1 or 2% milk (soy or almond milk also available)
— Organic granola
— Gluten Free granola
— Bran Flakes
— Kashi cereal

— Yogurt
— Rice pudding

— Seasonal fresh fruit (grapefruit, oranges, apricots, cherries, blueberries, papaya, mangoes)
— Fresh fruit salads

If you like, add in with one of the above:
— Almonds
— Walnuts
— Raisins
— Prunes

— Pasteurized Apple
— Tropicana Orange (with pulp)
— Organic juice (flavours may vary)


Local Jams
— Raspberry
— Apricot
— Mixed fruit

Peanut butter



— Maple Syrup
— Agave Syrup
— Local syrups (Raspberry, Blueberry or Apricot)

Teas & Keurig Coffees in the room at all times…

— choice of 2% milk, Creamo, non‐dairy

— choice of white sugar, golden coconut sugar, Blue Agave syrup, stevia packets